Low times.
No incident or accident.
Complete Aircraft history including build log.

Asking Price

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Serial Number


Total Time

109 Hours

Registration Number


Aircraft Specifications


Engine Time
Type Subaru EA81


Engine Subaru EA81 with Airflow performance injection (overhauled 2018).
New Warp drive prop / spinner
New complete fuel and coolant systems (2x fuel pumps, header tank, fuel lines, fuel filter, one-way valve, pressure regulator, fuel tanks overhauled with new fuel caps, coolant SS hoses)
New rudder pedals with toe brakes
New complete Matco brakes with dual calipers each wheel and parking brake
New complete tail wheel assembly with tow hook
New tires and New wheel pants
New MGL G meter, Oil Temp/Pressure, Alt/Vertical speed with complete new wiring for the dashboard
New LED strobe/NAV lights and tail strobe
New RADIO ICOM ICA6 with filter
New smoke system (smoke helper)
Transponder, ELT included (not mounted)
Front seat, front dashboard, front windshield and front controls included (not mounted)
All SB updated including new aileron hinges
Front and Rear Canopy Covers included

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