King Air 250

Maximum Range
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Extreme Flexibility, Endless Opportunity

The most popular business turboprop in the world, the Beechcraft® King Air® 250, now provides cutting-edge touchscreen avionics technology, greater passenger comfort and enhanced payload options to deliver more people to more places in unprecedented comfort. The Pro Line Fusion™ flight deck brings the first full touchscreen flight display system to the world’s most trusted avionics architecture. The enhanced payload option provides increased mission flexibility. Take your King Air where it’s never been before.

Special Missions

King Air 350i

  • Aerial Survey
    To see the big picture, get above it all

    One of the world’s most capable special mission aircraft, the King Air® 250 provides performance, durability and operating economics all while maintaining a spacious and flexible cabin. With multiple Aerial Survey configurations available, the King Air 250 can be outfitted with large format digital mapping cameras with gyro stabilized mounts. Camera holes come equipped with sliding doors to protect optical glass and a variety of operator workstations are available, tailored to your needs.

  • Flight Inspection
    High performance for precise missions

    The King Air family is operated by flight inspection organizations all over the world.  The Beechcraft King Air 250 can operate out of unimproved runways giving you access to more airports, while maintaining the solid handling characteristics it is known for. Install any major Flight Inspection System (FIS) system and your King Air 250 becomes the precise tool you need for repeatable accuracy.

  • Utility & Transport
    Rugged and Dependable

    With optional enhanced payload and large cargo door, the Beechcraft® King Air® 250 stands out as a high performance utility transport platform. Club seating ideal for VIP transport, can be quickly removed without specialized tools opening up the cabin for cargo hauling. Whether you’re carrying people or packages, your cargo is precious. Protect it with the twin turboprop dependability of the King Air 250.

  • Air Ambulance
    Reliability, when lives are in the balance

    In an Air Ambulance role the Beechcraft King Air 250 lives up to its reputation as a rugged and dependable performer. The spacious, climate controlled cabin allows for critical care of two patients utilizing modern medical devices available from all major aeromedical suppliers. With unimproved runway capability you’ll never let remote locations stand in the way of completing your mission, saving lives.

  • Surveillance
    Observation from the sky

    A worldwide proven performer, the Beechcraft® King Air® 250 provides the right balance of durability and operating economics for surveillance missions. You will fly confidently in even the most challenging maritime patrol missions with trusted twin turboprop dependability and advanced intelligence gathering systems. With certified options available today, Textron Aviation is ready to build the surveillance mission suite tailored to your mission.



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