One aircraft. Endless possibilities.


From desert heat to marine environments, the Bell 429M excels in the most austere conditions. This aircraft is an advanced multi-mission helicopter that comes equipped with the latest weapons and mission management systems. This aircraft can be customized to fulfill your mission needs.


Light Attack

The 429M has up to four weapon stations and two additional tip stations to mount GRIFFIN missiles, exceeding the industry standard as a viable Close Air Support (CAS) / Close Combat Attack (CCA) platform.

Special Missions

Leveraging speed and power, the 429M is an ideal platform to conduct and support non-standard para-military and special missions. These missions include bambi-bucket, helocast, paradrop, rappel, SPIES/FRIES, aerial sniper and reaction force operations.

Command and Control

The Bell 429M tactical communications suite includes a multi-band VHF, UHF and SATCOM radio capability. This communications suite allows the operator to send, receive, disseminate and coordinate communications laterally and horizontally across the operational environment.

Armed Reconnaissance

The Bell 429M is equipped with moving maps, Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible lighting and radar altimeters. It serves as an ideal platform to perform terrain flight and masking maneuvers in support of reconnaissance, screen, guard, security and hasty attack operations.

Search and Rescue

With an external hoist, configurable patient ambulatory and litter and coupled with the optional all-weather EO/IR sensor, the Bell 429M excels at the search and rescue mission regardless of the operating environment, including austere desert, high altitude mountains, jungles or arctic tundra.


TekFusion Global PATHFINDER™ Mission Management System

A customizable tool created from tactical and special operations experience, the MMS enables easy user navigation and seamless command and control of mission execution. The intuitive interface and advanced system enhance operational efficiency while reducing pilot workload. Target locations and ranges can be passed from PATHFINDER™ to an optional digital Weapons Management System Launch Acceptable Regions (LAR) or Weapons Engagement Zones (WEZ) can be displayed on the PATHFINDER™ moving map.

Advanced EO/IR Sensor

Complete with both visible and infrared sensors, the EO/IR enables long-range, accurate identification of targets to pinpoint threats at a distance and in degraded weather conditions, day or night. The EO/IR can be integrated into and displayed directly onto the cockpit Multi-Function Displays (MFD) when equipped with the Bell Basix Pro avionics system.

Additional Armament

The Bell 429M can accommodate a wide range of armament. Its capability ranges from crew served and fixed forward 7.62 mm and/or .50 caliber machine guns and machine gun pods, precision-guided 2.75 inch rockets, torpedoes and missiles.

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