Trusted partner for training

Bell’s expertise in training goes beyond designing the right aircraft for your mission. Having trained over 130,000 pilots from private/commercial operators to government agencies and worldwide armed forces, Bell knows the highly demanding requirements of trainer aircraft. Designed with pilot input, the 505M is the perfect training partner. With Dual-Channel FADEC and an open cabin design, trainers and trainees get an exceptional experience with the critical safety features they need.


Advanced Trainer

The Bell 505M is cost effective and easy to maintain, making it the best trainer aircraft on the market. Supported by a robust and responsive global supply network, the 505M is ideal to meet the reliability and availability needs of a high operational tempo training program. As a training aircraft, the 505M provides a simple and user-friendly platform to maximize the instruction of rotor-wing flight fundamentals.

Multi-Mission Ready

Building on the legacy of the Bell 206 and Army OH-58, the Bell 505M is an effective solution for route, zone and area reconnaissance. Equipped with a 10-inch EO/IR sensor, the Bell 505M provides law enforcement, para-military and military users the capability to detect and identify targets in all lighting conditions.

Combat Search and Rescue

The Bell 505M provides a light responsive medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) platform capable of supporting medical care from point of injury to the medical facility. Equipped with a configurable medical interior and an all-weather EO/IR sensor, the Bell 505M is one of the most versatile and cost-effective aircraft on the market.

Humanitarian Relief Support

Equipped with a cargo hook and best-in-class external load capacity of 2,295 lbs / 1,041 kg, the Bell 505M can perform emergency resupply to remote locations and conduct firefighting duties in the most difficult of environments.

Forward Air Controller – Airborne

With a large open cabin, panoramic visibility, and a full communications suite, the Bell 505M allows on scene commanders full situational awareness of the battlefield. The multi-band VHF, UHF and SATCOM radio capability provides the means to coordinate direct and indirect air to ground munitions while supporting ground maneuver commanders in shaping a tactical advantage.

VIP Transport


The 505M’s comfortable 18.5” wide seats and ample head or leg room provides an efficient VIP transport solution. Convert from utility seats to VIP leather seats in minutes for an all in one multi-mission aircraft.


Fully Integrated Glass Cockpit

The Garmin G1000H NXi™ integrated avionics suite provides all primary flight, navigation, and crew alert information in an easy to read format increasing situational awareness and mission capability. With the ability to read and track all sensors on-board, the avionics suite enables maintenance staff to quickly diagnose and resolve issues improving mission readiness.

Advanced EO/IR Sensor

The latest in camera and infrared sensor technology is easily integrated into the Garmin G1000H NXi™’s Multifunction Display or an optional 17’’ tactical monitor. The Bell 505M’s nose mount supports a 10’’ camera up to 65 pounds with no reduction in performance.

Versatile and Open Cabin Design

With 99ft³/2.8m³ of space, a flat floor with integrated tie downs, and pilot removeable rear seats create the ultimate multi-mission light helicopter. The large windows and open cabin and provide expansive views whether trainees are following along with a lesson or commanders are surveying the battlefield.

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