Outfitting the Right Aircraft

Special Missions

Aerial Survey

Textron Aviation offers multiple proven platforms to help you bring the world into focus. Take advantage of a wide range of cameras and sensors installed along with onboard mission workstations, giving you options for any aerial survey scenario. Oil spill detection, disaster documentation and mapping flights can all be accomplished with the accuracy of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).

Float Operations

Textron Aviation’s single-engine piston and turboprop amphibious aircraft can meet the performance requirements of the most strenuous amphibian missions. Engineered for ease of use and stability– these aircraft have accomplished life-saving missions, charter missions, hauling missions and many more in every corner of the world. Our amphibious aircraft can be customized to accommodate additional special mission equipment, such as infrared cameras and topographical radar, allowing you to carry out successful multi-purpose missions.


Defense and law enforcement agencies around the world can rely on Textron Aviation aircraft for surveillance missions. Aircraft can be equipped with advanced EO/IR sensors, operator consoles with video display, custom cabin intercoms, streaming video datalink and a variety of communication systems. Cost effective solutions are available to meet the dynamic requirements of surveillance missions over land and water.


Bell Helicopters are designed to be the ideal flying workplace. The durable design and high-inertia two-bladed rotor system provides exceptional stability. All of which make the Bell helicopter an outstanding value to your fleet.


The Bell helicopter is an exceptional choice for the parapublic sector from local to federal police agencies. Ideal for patrol functions where interoperability is important, the Bell helicopter can carry tactical radios, a multi-sensor camera, a moving map, and search lights all designed to increase your situational awareness and effectiveness.

Air Ambulance

Textron Aviation is a leader in air ambulance aircraft, saving lives all over the world. Versatile and comfortable cabins allow for multiple configurations from major medical equipment suppliers. Whether operating as a dedicated air ambulance, or quickly converting from VIP to medical transport, we have a proven reliable aircraft for the mission. Textron Aviation aircraft can respond to remote areas and provide the speed that is necessary for critical care patients.

Multi Mission

Today’s operators demand the ability to easily switch between missions to meet the needs of dynamic mission environments. Textron Aviation aircraft are engineered to be flexible and accommodating to meet a number of mission specific challenges. From complex surveillance equipment to basic passenger and cargo transport, aircraft can be quickly and easily reconfigured. Make the most out of your next aircraft purchase. Any mission…anywhere.


It’s no secret that the best pilots train in the best aircraft. Textron Aviation has delivered thousands of aircraft to governments, private/commercial schools and airline training facilities across the globe. From basic instrument platforms to advanced jet training, aircraft can be tailored to meet your curriculum with instructor seating and plenty of avionics options. Our expertise extends beyond standard operations and into mission-specific training with platforms that excel in search and rescue, surveillance, military jet training and more. Put experience to work for your students with Textron Aviation.


It’s what you need to support the energy industry. Large cabin doors enable quick and easy loading and unloading of crew and equipment. Able to carry a good amount of passengers with outstanding useful loads make the Bell helicopter a reliable and time-tested single engine helicopter, with low operating and maintenance costs.

Search & Rescue

For search and rescue mission, the Bell Huey II provides a stable hover platform with excellent fore and aft center of gravity tolerance and lateral stability. Large 6.16 ft. /1.87 m wide door openings enable easy cabin access and room to maneuver for hoist operations. Single-engine fuel efficiency allows for greater search time and range. Optional auxiliary fuel tanks increase the standard search range capability. When you need to search, look no further than the Bell Huey II.

Flight Inspection

Textron Aviation stands ready to provide the ideal flight inspection and flight calibration operating aircraft for your mission. Our flight inspection systems have been outfitted with the latest technology in en-route and terminal navigation aids. Whether you require the extended range of border-to-border flight calibration, the payload capacity for extensive onboard test equipment or a dual flight inspection and executive transportation configuration – Textron Aviation can outfit our aircraft to the needs of your flight inspection mission.

Parachute Operations

Textron Aviation offers economical options for parachute operations, well-tailored to the needs of both recreational and professional applications. Whether you’re hauling customers or commandos you’ll be able to get up to 20 people up and over the drop zone quickly and in the proven reliability of a Textron Aviation aircraft. Available options include a roll up cabin door, belted passenger benches, drop zone proximity lights and more.

Utility & Transport

Rugged and dependable, Textron Aviation has the right aircraft for utility transport operations. Quickly change from commuter to cargo operations with easily reconfigurable cabins. Available options including cargo pods, cargo door and cargo flooring create cost effective options for cargo transport.


The design of the Bell helicopter ensures that you don’t waste a single second. The bi-fold door allows for quick and easy patient loading and unloading. The extra-large cabin windows provide for exceptional visibility to make difficult scene landings.

Troop Transport

Look no further than the Bell Huey II for troop transport needs. With aft cabin seating for 11 passengers or 14 in high density seating, the Bell Huey II works as diligently and reliably as the troops do. This medium lift helicopter has a large flat, reconfigurable floor area for multi-mission cargo needs. Multiple structural fittings and hard points allow for flexibility in seating arrangements and attachment of equipment to meet transport and cargo operations. The Bell Huey II has the space and the lifting capacity to get the job done.

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