A time-tested, rugged and reliable solution

With more than 50 years of platform experience, the Bell 412M combines features from the world-renowned Huey with advanced systems and avionics to offer a rugged, reliable workhorse. The aircraft leverages its large cabin and proven capabilities to operate para-public and para-military missions in over 55 countries.


Air Assault / Air Mobility

With troop capacity and power to lift a pilot and up to 14 combat-laden personnel coupled with crew-served weapon options, the Bell 412M is a versatile solution for air assault operations, tactical air mobility and Aerial Reaction Force (ARF).

Special Operations

The twin engine Bell 412M reliability, power and unrestrictive, maintenance-free skid landing gear support non-conventional missions to confined, permissive and non-permissive landing areas that include waterborne HELOCAST and parachute operations, skid and/or plank insertion/extraction, SPIES and FRIES.

Combat Search & Rescue

Equipped with an optional hoist, the Bell 412M performs aerial extractions at land or sea. With multiple configurable options to support passengers as well as ambulatory and litter patients the 412M is versatile and tailorable to the mission. The Bell 412M is the culmination of over 50 years of combat search and rescue or personnel recovery.

Anti-Submarine / Anti-Surface Warfare

Building on the legacy of armed maritime experience from the UH-1, the Bell 412M is a cost-effective, anti-submarine warfare platform. When equipped with the optional dipping sonar and aerial torpedo delivery system the 412M can locate, track, damage or destroy enemy submarines and surface vessels.

Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief

Facilitates the rapid and mass distribution of food and medicine to non-trafficable remote locations or devastated areas, the Bell 412M’s large internal cargo area is rated at to 12,200 lbs / 5,534 kg with an external load lift capacity of up to 5,000 lbs / 2,268 kg and a usable service ceiling of 15,720 ft / 4,791 m.


TekFusion Global PATHFINDER™ Mission Management System

A customizable tool created from tactical and special operations experience, the Mission Management System (MMS) enables easy user navigation and seamless command and control of mission execution. The intuitive interface and advanced system enhance operational efficiency while reducing pilot workload. Target locations and ranges can be passed from PATHFINDER™ to an optional digital WMS. Launch Acceptable Regions (LAR) or Weapons Engagement Zones (WEZ) can be displayed on the PATHFINDER™ moving map.

Advanced EO/IR Sensor

Complete with both visible and infrared sensors, the EO/IR enables long-range, accurate identification of targets to pinpoint threats at a distance and degraded weather, day or night. The EO/IR can be integrated into and displayed directly onto the cockpit Multi-Function Displays (MFD) when equipped with the Bell Basix Pro avionics system.

Additional Armament

The Bell 412M can accommodate a wide range of armament, ranging from crew served or fixed forward 7.62 mm and/or 12.7mm (.50 caliber) machine guns to precision-guided 2.75 inch rockets, torpedoes and precision-guided missiles.

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