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Whether commuting with 5 passengers, loading boxes through the dual aft cargo doors, landing on a short dirt airstrip or splashing in at a remote lake on amphibious floats, the turbocharged capability of the Cessna® Turbo Stationair® HD is designed to fit your mission needs. Pushing the limits of what is possible, the Turbo Stationair HD doesn’t make you choose between necessity and aspiration. This heavy hauler complete utility aircraft expands your missions to take you almost anywhere.

Special Missions

Cessna Citation M2

  • Float Operations
    Stability and safety on water and land

    The Cessna® Turbo Stationair® HD has the ideal flight characteristics and stable high-wing design that outperform in amphibious missions. You will quickly grow your charter and cargo hauling operations with room for six people or 127 cubic feet of cargo space, flying in and out of places others simply can’t go. The Textron Aviation Special Missions team has the experience to handle your float modification from factory to finish. Expand your abilities with the Turbo Stationair HD.

  • Utility & Transport
    Rugged & Dependable

    A complete utility aircraft, the Cessna® Turbo Stationair® HD is the heavy hauler you’ve been looking for.  With increased payload and large cargo doors your aircraft is ready to switch between passenger and cargo flights.  Simply remove the optional folding chairs and store them in the cargo pod for quick reconfiguration.  Haul more.  Do more, in the Turbo Stationair HD.

  • Surveillance
    Observation from the sky

    The hardest working single-engine surveillance platform, the Cessna® Turbo Stationair® HD can haul more equipment and operate out of just about anywhere.  A tactical officer operates from a swiveling chair and custom work station while maintaining eyes on target with the optional large observation window.  Make the most out of every mission with the high-wing design that allows for superior stability and unobstructed field of view.

Seating Arrangement

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