High-performance, unbeatable value

As the world’s most cost-effective, multi-role helicopter, the Bell 407M offers a versatile aircraft ideal for tactical missions. The Bell 407M builds on the proven features from the OH-58 and its 750,000 combat flight hours by incorporating a modern weapons system and integrated glass cockpit.


Light Attack

The responsive handling coupled with an array of direct fire weapons and integrated weapons management systems makes the Bell 407M ideal for Close Air Support / Close Combat Attack in support of conventional and non-conventional ground forces.

Special Operations

Provides air mobility of special forces to confined landing areas and supports a broad range of non-standard missions, including quick/aerial reaction force, airborne sniper platform, protective overwatch and high value target surveillance.

Armed Reconnaissance 

Drawing from over 50 years of experience and the legacy of the Army’s longest serving light reconnaissance observation helicopter OH-58 Kiowa, the Bell 407M is a formidable light aircraft with a low-profile and a reduced audio signature. The 407M is ideal for maneuvering and masking in-and-around terrain and optimizing onboard sensors to locate and surveil high value targets (HVT).

Command & Control

The Bell 407M is equipped with multi-band FM, UHF, VHF, SATCOM and HF radios. This provides an effective platform to communicate, monitor, direct and maintain situational understanding and control in support of deliberate and contingency responses to natural and man-made disasters and events.


Equipped for maritime interdiction to quickly and decisively locate and disable hostile aggressors that threaten coastal and interior waterway commerce.


TekFusion Global Weapons Management System

A scalable weapons management system that ranges from entry level gun and rocket systems to a fully integrated digital cockpit. Optimized for the Bell 407M, the TFG WMS reduces pilot workload for weapons targeting and deployment. The system includes built-in safety features to ensure the weapons system is not accidentally or prematurely deployed and ensures seamless coordination between the WMS and the PATHFINDER™ Mission Management System.

Advanced EO/IR Sensor

Complete with both visible and infrared sensors, the EO/IR enables long-range, accurate identification of targets to pinpoint threats at a distance and degraded weather, day or night. The EO/IR can be integrated into and displayed directly onto the cockpit Multi-Function Displays (MFD) when equipped with the Bell Basix Pro avionics system.

Additional Armament

The Bell 407M can accommodate a wide range of armament, ranging from 7.62 mm machine guns/gun pods, .50 caliber machine guns/gun pods and 2.75 inch rockets/rocket pods plus the precision-guided Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems (APKWS), Griffin and HELLFIRE missiles.



Hover Ceiling IGE
13,550 ft
Hover Ceiling OGE
11,940 ft
Max Cruise
133 kts | 246 km/h
Range at VLRC
337 nm | 624 km
Max Endurance
4.0 hrs


Aft Baggage Compartment Volume
16 ft3 / 0.5 m3
Standard Seating
1 + 6
Standard Fuel
127.8 US gal / 482.8 liters
Max Gross Weight
5,000 lbs / 2,268 kg
Useful Load - Internal -Standard
2,300 lbs / 1,043 kg


862 SHP / 643 kW
Max Continuous
761 SHP / 567 kW


Enhanced pilot awareness with the GARMIN G1000H® NXi integrated Flight Deck with synthetic vision and terrain avoidance warning

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