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Textron Aviation Service Bulletins – Spring 2024

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Piston Aircraft

SEB-33-02 R1 Lights – Led Landing/Taxi Light Installation (Models: 172R, 172S, 182S, 182T, T182T, 206H, T206H) Optional 2/27/2024
N17-1R1 Navigation – Update GSU 73 IGRF Database to Version 1.03 REV 1 (Model: 162, SkyCatcher) Optional 3/20/2024
MEB-52-01 Doors – Door Locks Replacement for Models 58 and G58 Optional 5/1/2024
SEB-52-03 Doors – Door Lock Replacement for Models B36TC, A36, G36 Optional 5/1/2024


SL408-27-02 Flight Controls – Aft Rudder Quad Assembly Torque Verification (Model: 408, SkyCourier) Mandatory 2/22/2024
SL408-71-01 Power Plant – Aft Firewall Seal Fastener Replacement (Model: 408, SkyCourier) Mandatory 2/22/2024
MTL-53-04 R3 Fuselage – Forward Fuselage Fastener Inspection (Models: B200GT, B200CGT, B300, B300C) Mandatory 3/19/2024
CAL-57-05 R1 Wing Strut Inspection (Models: 208, 208B) Recommended 3/12/2024
SB408-71-01 R1 Power Plant – Cowling Inlet Doubler Installation Rev 1 (Model: 408, SkyCourier) Recommended 4/16/2024
MTL-36-02 Pneumatic – Flow Control Valve Insulation Inspection (Models: B200GT, B200CGT, B300, B300C) Recommended 4/17/2024
SL408-30-01 Ice And Rain Protection – Inlet De-Ice Insulation Correct (Model: 408, SkyCourier) Recommended 4/19/2024
MTB-26-01 R1 Fire Protection – Replacement of the Halon Type 1211 Portable Fire Extinguishers (Models: B200GT, B200CGT, B300, B300C) Optional 2/22/2024
MTB-24-03 R1 Electrical Power – Model 1900 Current Sensor Wiring Change when Current Sensor is Replaced (Models: 1900, 1900C, 1900D) Optional 2/29/2024
CAB-78-01 Exhaust – Hot Weather Operations Kit (Model: 208B) Optional 4/23/2024

Cessna Citation Jets

SL700-53-01 R2 Fuselage – Inspection/Installation of Fasteners at Fuselage Station (FS) 121.00 (Model: 700, Longitude) Mandatory 2/5/2024
SL700-11-01 Placards And Markings – Inspection Of The Left And Right Center Wing Fuel Access Panels For Correct S4422-107 CDCCL Fuel Placard Installation (Model: 700, Longitude) Mandatory 3/11/2024
SB680-32-05 R3 Landing Gear – Main Landing Gear Side Brace Fitting Installation (Model: 680, Sovereign) Mandatory 3/18/2024
SB680-78-04 R1 Exhaust – Thrust Reverser and Engine Attach Flange Corrosion Protection (Model: 680, Sovereign+) Recommended 2/5/2024
SB680A-78-01 R1 Exhaust – Thrust Reverser And Engine Attach Flange Corrosion Protection (Model: 680A, Latitude) Recommended 2/5/2024
SL750-05-07 R1 Time Limits/Maintenance Checks – Model 750 Maintenance Manual Format Change And Msg-3 Scheduled Maintenance Program Bridging Document (Model: 750, Citation X) Recommended 3/4/2024
SB525C-56-01 Windows – Windshield And Cockpit Side Window Frame Modification (Model: 525C, CJ4) Recommended 4/29/2024
SB680A-25-14 R3 Equipment/Furnishings – Installation of Improved Axles and Gears for the Executive and Slimline Tables (Model: 680A, Latitude) Discretionary 2/5/2024
SB700-53-04 Fuselage – Modification Of The Tailcone Access Door Drain (Model: 700, Longitude) Discretionary 4/1/2024
SB700-29-03 Hydraulic Power – Power Transfer And Conversion Unit (PTCU) Software Upgrade To Version 1.17.2 (Model: 700, Longitude) Discretionary 4/15/2024
SB680A-52-11 R2 Doors – Baggage Door Snubber Fitting Inspection\Replacement R2 (Model: 680A, Latitude) Discretionary 4/22/2024
SB680A-22-01 R1 Auto Flight – Auto Pilot (AP) Disconnect Circuit Improvement (Model: 680A, Latitude) Optional 2/5/2024
SB550-24-45 Electrical Power – Battery Temperature Indicator Gage Blanking Plate Installation (Models: 550/551, Citation II, Bravo) Optional 2/27/2024
SB560-24-46 Electrical Power – Battery Temperature Indicator Gage Blanking Plate Installation (Models: 560, Citation V, Ultra, Encore(+)) Optional 2/27/2024
SB560-34-164 R3 Navigation – Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) Out Transponder Installation (Models: 560, Citation Ultra, Encore) Optional 3/4/2024
SB700-25-06 R2 Equipment/Furnishings – Replacement Of Part Number Dms655-12 Or Dms755-01 Digital Media Server With Part Number Dms755-31 Digital Media Server (Model: 700, Longitude) Optional 3/4/2024
SB680A-34-25 Garmin G5000 Software Update From Garmin 4.8 Prime, Version B1 To Version B2 (Model: 680A, Latitude) Optional 3/11/2024
SB700-25-04 Equipment/Furnishings – Installation Of The Bongiovi Audio System Seat Belt Chime Generator (Model: 700, Longitude) Optional 4/22/2024
SL525C-05-01 R1 Time Limits/Maintenance Checks-Conversion From Non MSG-3 Scheduled Maintenance Program to MSG-3 Schedule Maintenance Program (Model: 525C, CJ4) Informational 3/5/2024
SL680A-23-05 R1 Communications – Verification Of The GOGO Avance L5 Broadband System Or GOGO Avance Smart Cabin System Configuration For Flight Path 3D Map Functionality (Model: 680A, Latitude) Informational 4/29/2024
SL700-23-02 R1 Communications – Verification Of The GOGO Avance L5 Broadband System Configuration For Flight Path 3D (Model: 700, Longitude) Informational 4/29/2024

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