Africair, Inc. along with Aviat Husky were proud to sponsor the 2016 Elephant Charge . We also had the opportunity for one of our own to participate and be on one of the teams during the race!

Dust filled the early morning air as the 2016 Elephant Charge teams gathered at the rendezvous point. Miles away from the nearest village, deep within the Zambian bush, 20 teams met with their engines revving, laughing and taunting one another. The objective? To slash and bash your way through trackless African bush, to winch your vehicle through rocky ravines, to cross rivers, to conquer massive slopes and heinous hollows filled with buffalo beans that will have you itching away at your skin for days- all in the name of Conservation!

The Elephant Charge 2016 is a motor sport event in which entrants will be required to visit 10 checkpoints while travelling the shortest possible distance across difficult, trackless terrain. Speed is not a necessity but participants must finish within a 9 hour window to qualify. The event is organized to raise funds to support the activities of these Charge Charities: Conservation South Luangwa – CSL , Kasanka National Park , GRI – Game Rangers International , Conservation Lower Zambezi – CLZ , Conservation Lake Tanganyika and Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust – CWET

Team Carnivore was led by Rob Stacey (Pilot) and Jon Stacey (Navigator), joined by Rhys Williams and Travis Tinsey (Runners).

We had such an amazing time supporting a great organization dedicating to saving the lives of thousands of elephants. Please visit their website and support them today!


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