Our subsidiary, Propel Aviation Sales & Services, continues to perform Cessna 172 Centurion Diesel Engine Retrofit Conversions again in 2014 for its ninth year straight.  This year has started out very strong with Propel completing five Centurion Diesel retrofits within the first six months.

We completed our first 2014 retrofit in time to bring the aircraft to Sun ‘n Fun as our demonstrator aircraft.  Since that time, we have received a purchase agreement to export it to Ethiopia along with another previously converted aircraft. In May we finished converting three brand new Skyhawks which were then disassembled and shipped in containers via sea freight for Ethiopian Airlines’ training fleet.  Our fifth aircraft will act as our latest demonstrator and the sixth aircraft is currently being converted to be sold.

The fifth and sixth aircraft are both Millennium Edition 2000 model year Cessna 172S aircraft and are available for demonstration flights and for immediate purchase.  Please contact the General Manager Jimmy Lockhart at jlockhart@propelaviation.com if you are interested in purchasing either of these aircraft or if you would like to learn more about Propel’s Cessna 172 Diesel Engine Retrofit Kit Conversion program offerings.


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